Complete Guide to Newbie Blogger

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Hi Friends, It is a bitter truth that blogging have reached the certain height in the online marketing world. Many people are having their own blog for personal use, sharing thoughts, ideas, opinion and many are using blogs as the source of income. Several times, I have been asked by friends, How to create a blog in the So I thought to publish the easy steps needed to create a blog from the in my blog. It will be helpful to many people those who are new in the blogging world. Because of this, I named the topic as “Complete Guide to Newbie Blogger“. Remember everything is free here.

Step 1
Go to

Step 2
Click on “Create Your Blog Now

Step 3
1. Enter your Email Address: Make sure this is your email address. The reason for this is has a tendency to delete blogs quickly if they suspect it is a “spam” blog. Often they will send you a notification first and then request you log in from the email request and they send you in order to “prove” that your blog was manually created.
2. Enter your Password: Type the password which you remember and make sure you note down this on the paper too, so that you can easily log back into your blogger account(it needs to be atleast 6 characters in length) and then re-type your password to confirm your password.
3. Display Name: This name will come up on your blog.
4. Word Verification: Type the same characters as shown in the picture.

5. Accept Terms: Tick the “I accept the Terms of Services” box available.

and then click “Continue”.

Step 4

Blog Title: Enter the name or the idea you wanted to write about. This will be seen on the top of your blog and should be relevant to the content you plan to write into your blog.

Blog Address(URL): Keep your address similar to your title(as above) and try and see if its available , by clicking the Check availability link.

and then click “continue”.

Step 5

Choose a Template: It doesn’t really matter which template you choose, you can always change it at a later date anyways but for this example I’ll choose “Tic Tac” because this is my favourite.

Once you have choosen your template then click on “Continue“.

Step 6

Congratulation to you! your first blog is created. Click on “Start Posting“.

Step 7

Enter your title of the post. (This is what your post will be about) and enter in your content. you can go back and chance what you have written here and hit the publish button.

To enter links in your posts, hi-light the text you want to use as a link, click the hyperlink icon as shown in the picture below and enter the url you wish

And you can change the font styles, upload pictures and align it before publishing it to make it look better. So after writing few articles or few words click on the “publish post” button.

Then click “View Blog” to see your first Blog.

To see your website, Save your URL as seen on the address bar, something like” yourname will be replaced by the name which you have given to the blog website.

Please note in down on the paper so that you can type it in URL address field and visit your website later on and also share it with your friends.

You better spend few hours here and learn how it works. But if you have some queries then please leave it in the comment box. I’ll try to solve your problem.

Let me know the name of your blog on this comments on my blog, I will comment on your blog. Your first blog. Do let me know if it is helpful to you.

Next time, I will put more interesting topic, i.e., How you can earn dollars from your first blog.

All the best.

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Whats the Big Deal About Commenting on a Blog

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I’m really sorry, I’ve been a bit busy over the few days and I wasn’t really in the mood to blog. Today I’m going to discuss about “Whats the Big Deal about Commenting on a Blog”. As we all know that there are all sorts of bloggers out there. People blogs for variety of reasons. For fun, for sharing information, for venting out new thoughts, for meeting new peoples, blah blah.

A blog is not written just so as it can left there to rot or death. Aside from the fact that you want to share some relevant information with the other people, you also probably want to have more and more readers interested in what you have to say. People read your blogs. It is true but you cannot believe it. Days go by and you have no response. Then to track people down, you install counters, stat trackers and other available freeware out there. Now you know, people are actually reading your blog. But still, no response. Then finally, one day, you receive the email saying someone left a comment on your blog. You hurriedly go over and open to see who the other soul is. And??? Damn Spambots!

It is a fact of life that not all your readers will readily post a comment on your blog. Even if they find that it helped them a lot, not many can spare some time to put on a simple comment. This all happens all the time. You could either make your blog more interesting or have friends and other acquaintances make some comments to get the ball rolling

The most exciting part of any blogger’s life is – when someone leaves them a comment. Correct me if I am wrong.

Now, there are boring blogs that don’t encourage comments. I am not talking about those blogs. The blog that I am talking about is the blog that interest you. If you participate there, maybe, an increased percentage in posting comments may motivate the author to post more articles; you may be wondering how I said this. Read this famous proverb-

If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas “- George Bernard Shaw

So Commenting on blogs is a good way to get response and interaction with your readers. You can even make it a point wherein you actually try to listen to your readers and post articles connected to their requests. It’ll also inspire you in one way or another knowing that your opinions are heard. It is a way to express your feelings, thoughts and insights about a particular topic to motivate others. Comments also act as a source to improve blog articles.

Also read ‘The Secret of Commenting‘ Written by Desibaba, where he explains elaborately that he had benefited a lot from Commenting on the blog.

The thing about having a few comments on your blog is for your other readers to see that it is not dead and not being read. Nothing like a dead-looking blog to take the interest off potential readers who will stumble upon them.

Blog commenting also have the intent of gaining more relevant links to have in your site. It can be noted that like forums, leaving comments on blogs is a way of placing links which people can also go through. Blog commenting had long been a form of free advertising that businesses take advantage of. All that needs to be done is to find a blog that is interesting and is known for their readability.

Blog comments do have to be positive all the time. There are no rules that state that negative comments should not be put into blogs. This is because readers will not always agree on what you have to say. There will be those who need to voice out their opinions about your post. If this happens, do not feel put down. Accept negative comments as something to learn about. You can learn more from negative comments rather than positive ones.

Blog Commenting has also become a source of income for some people. For posts that needed all the publicity they could get, they pay other people just for commenting on their blogs. These are those who only make use of blogs to optimize their websites and gain more visitors to whatever it is they are marketing on their blogs.

Overall, people have realized the value of what blog commenting can do. In time, you will be able to see and reap the benefits that comments can do to your posts if ever you are intent on pursuing it early on. So guys If you like this post then leave a comment or if I have missed some point then please let me know.

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Benefits of blogging.

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Hi Friends, although I have been a blogger since from the past 8 months but I consider, this is my first blogging because I began to take seriously only from today onwards. Also other reason is I wanted to start a new blog with fresh template and fresh idea. I have been in online business for the past one year and have learned many things of the internet world. I would like to share my ideas and help people if I can through online blogging.

Actually my blogging journey began when I stumbled upon a company owned by Google called that offers free tools to build a website.

Infact Blogger provides you with some of the several in-build free templates which you can customize in addition to a domain name hosted on their server. You can host your blog on your domain if you like. Here are the some of the benefits I found while blogging.

  1. Easy to manage:- A blog can be set up even by a beginner/novice in no time. All you have to do is write something of your interest topic and publish. Blogging can get as fast as that or even more complex.
  2. Easy to update:- A blog can be updated daily or weekly or sometimes even monthly for the static website. Even adding a few paragraphs a day can be done in no time and can be beneficial to your search engine rankings.
  3. Get spider quickly:- Search Engine spiders crawls blogs with greater frequency than any static websites.
  4. Sell advertising space:- If you have a popular blog with huge traffics than you can generate a revenue stream by selling ad space of your blog. One of the most popular is the offering space to the Adsense. You can add Adsense to your blog to monetize your content. What I love about Blogger is that once you plug in the Adsense code into your main template, a new page is created and Adsense is automatically displayed when you make a post.

So with all these benefits in mind there is no reason you should not start your own blog. So when do you decide to go blogging? Let me know.

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