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Contests for Cash and Prizes.

Posted on July 27, 2007. Filed under: Contest, Entertainment |

Hi friends, I am really sorry for not posting for a long time. I was bit busy in other stuffs. Now I am free. Today I am going to tell you about one website which is conducting contests for cash, prizes and goodies. These contests have much information too. These contests are mainly for Indians and are categorized as Chota contests and Mota contests.

In the Chota contests, there are many contests of around 6 pages comprising of 72 contests. For every contest, there are prizes + you get credit points. Here credit points are redeemed to monthly jackpot prizes. You can get atleast around 300-500 credits daily if you spend daily one hours.

In the Mota contest, there are around 7-8 contests. Some offer prizes on daily basis and Some on weekly basis.

The contest is very easy and simple. The chota contests are the easiest to attempt because all the answers are there itself.

If you don’t win any prizes, don’t get dishearten, they have one very good option known as Goodies4Buddies section, where you can redeemed you credits for prizes.

I recommend you to read the FAQs section before joining it. Understand the terms and how it works.

I am recommending this website because I personally have owned many prizes from them. I have owned 1 Original DVD of Superman Returns and other stuffs. You can see the proof here, check out my name there written as gedet.

Join and start contesting and win exciting prizes, till then enjoy. If some of you also know this kind of website contesting for cash and prizes then please you can share here.

Visit the website and join it here.

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Increase Traffic through Pinging-Part 1

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To increase traffic to your blog, you’ll need to do the following: Update your blog regularly, at least 3 times a week. Improve and maintain the quality of your content. Submit your blog to at least one search engine like Google. Exchange your blog with other bloggers. Get your blog listed in some blog directories. A blog without a good content will not be able to keep visitors returning. You may hit them. Today I am going to tell you about “How Pinging helps in bringing traffic“.

Pinging your website it is the best way to attract search engines and get more traffic. But you must be aware of the fact that pinging won’t deliver direct traffic to your website. It will simply generate indirect traffic to your pages by sending requests to other services which are using feeds for content because there are many people who are willing to use your feeds as content. This will quickly increase the area where you have links directing to your website.

This is the first step every blogger should perform in order to get few traffics. I always used to ping after posting every new content.

Search Engines love changing content and therefore they love to visit a site that is constantly updated. Blogs are a great way of offering this changing contents, especially they have a “Pinging” features.

One such features is “Ping-O-Matic“. Actually it is service to update different search engines that your blog has updated. To do this go to

Your ping-o-matic page will look like this.

In this page you are required to fill up two fields, The Blog Name and the Blog Home page(the address of your blog), Here you have put the actual URL of the blog and not the RSS URL.

Next in the SERVICES TO PING, click on the CHECK COMMON. then click the “Send Pings“.

Let me know if you have similar ideas about pinging and huh if it helps you. please leave a comment.

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Complete Guide to Newbie Blogger

Posted on July 1, 2007. Filed under: blogging |

Hi Friends, It is a bitter truth that blogging have reached the certain height in the online marketing world. Many people are having their own blog for personal use, sharing thoughts, ideas, opinion and many are using blogs as the source of income. Several times, I have been asked by friends, How to create a blog in the So I thought to publish the easy steps needed to create a blog from the in my blog. It will be helpful to many people those who are new in the blogging world. Because of this, I named the topic as “Complete Guide to Newbie Blogger“. Remember everything is free here.

Step 1
Go to

Step 2
Click on “Create Your Blog Now

Step 3
1. Enter your Email Address: Make sure this is your email address. The reason for this is has a tendency to delete blogs quickly if they suspect it is a “spam” blog. Often they will send you a notification first and then request you log in from the email request and they send you in order to “prove” that your blog was manually created.
2. Enter your Password: Type the password which you remember and make sure you note down this on the paper too, so that you can easily log back into your blogger account(it needs to be atleast 6 characters in length) and then re-type your password to confirm your password.
3. Display Name: This name will come up on your blog.
4. Word Verification: Type the same characters as shown in the picture.

5. Accept Terms: Tick the “I accept the Terms of Services” box available.

and then click “Continue”.

Step 4

Blog Title: Enter the name or the idea you wanted to write about. This will be seen on the top of your blog and should be relevant to the content you plan to write into your blog.

Blog Address(URL): Keep your address similar to your title(as above) and try and see if its available , by clicking the Check availability link.

and then click “continue”.

Step 5

Choose a Template: It doesn’t really matter which template you choose, you can always change it at a later date anyways but for this example I’ll choose “Tic Tac” because this is my favourite.

Once you have choosen your template then click on “Continue“.

Step 6

Congratulation to you! your first blog is created. Click on “Start Posting“.

Step 7

Enter your title of the post. (This is what your post will be about) and enter in your content. you can go back and chance what you have written here and hit the publish button.

To enter links in your posts, hi-light the text you want to use as a link, click the hyperlink icon as shown in the picture below and enter the url you wish

And you can change the font styles, upload pictures and align it before publishing it to make it look better. So after writing few articles or few words click on the “publish post” button.

Then click “View Blog” to see your first Blog.

To see your website, Save your URL as seen on the address bar, something like” yourname will be replaced by the name which you have given to the blog website.

Please note in down on the paper so that you can type it in URL address field and visit your website later on and also share it with your friends.

You better spend few hours here and learn how it works. But if you have some queries then please leave it in the comment box. I’ll try to solve your problem.

Let me know the name of your blog on this comments on my blog, I will comment on your blog. Your first blog. Do let me know if it is helpful to you.

Next time, I will put more interesting topic, i.e., How you can earn dollars from your first blog.

All the best.

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